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Two wise women plumb the deepest depths and the tiniest cracks of our world to understand how culture and creativity shape our lives.

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DoubleXposure and TeenTix Join Forces to Bring Twice the Impact for the Arts

For the second season of doubleXposure, we're partnering with our friends at TeenTix to engage young journalists to help us tell the stories of arts and community in the four cultural hubs we're spotlighting.


Throughout the season, we’ll be publishing articles from an array of TeenTix writers; each focusing on one of the spotlight neighborhoods: Seattle Center, Seattle Waterfront, South Park, and the Central District.

Our next installment comes from Alison Jean Smith. Smith journeys into the creative, industrial, and sometimes seedy underbelly hidden amongst the Seattle Waterfront and Alaskan Way Viaduct. She explores how the area became a haven for artists starting in the 1980s and the ways in which culture is still reflected in the area today, as the viaduct has been demolished and the new waterfront revitalization project emerges. 


Seattle’s TeenTix, is an organization with the mission of “empowering young people to take an active role in shaping their arts community, as audience members, critics, influencers, advocates, patrons, and leaders.”

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About the Podcast

DoubleXposure plumbs the deepest depths and the tiniest cracks of our world to understand how culture and creativity shape our lives, sometimes in ways we don’t even see.

Each episode features Marcie and Vivian—two wise women on a never ending quest to learn more—in conversation with some of the most inspiring and effective creators today. 

What does culture say about our communities? What do we say back? Dancers, thinkers, rappers, performers, makers, doers bring their curiosity and passion to the mic. Bring yours as well to each episode of DoubleXposure. 


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