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Thank You, Listeners!

DoubleXposure Podcast is powered primarily by pro-bono professional support and a small team of volunteers. As we continue bringing you essential arts journalism, we have big dreams of securing an operating budget so that we have funds to support our team, bring on additional technical, fundraising, and advertising support, and host live events!

We are proud to have LANGSTON as our official fiscal sponsor! 

If you love and believe in this podcast as much as we do, we hope you'll consider supporting us through a donation. Simply click on the DONATE button below!

We are in a time when media and arts journalism is struggling and we would love to be able to continue to amplify the voices and issues of the arts and culture community for many seasons to come. You can read about our plans for expansion in our Case for Support. 

Fiscal Sponsor 

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Underwriting Support 

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