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The Hosts

Host Marcie Sillman, a white woman is styled in a white jacket and stylish haircut smiles into the upper corner of the image


Marcie Sillman is an award-winning radio journalist. For more than three decades, she covered arts for Seattle’s KUOW and NPR. She’s also a rower, knitter, baker, and author of Out There: Jonathan Porretta's Life in Dance.

Q: What's your favorite Podcast:
A: My favorite podcast right now is from the New York Times, "Sway," with Kara Swisher. It's theoretically about power in America, but really it's amazing conversations with folks who are in positions of power: Bill Gates, Tim Cook, NASA scientists on the Mars Rover, etc. Kara Swisher is smart, funny and tough.

Q: Last book you read:
A: I hesitate to say it, but the last books I've read have been total binge reads, the Kate Shugak mystery series by Alaskan novelist Dana Stabenow. Aleut native Kate Shugak is one bad ass, plus the novels have tons of Alaska history to soak up. I confess I've been a mystery addict since the days of Nancy Drew.

Q: Movie you’ve watched more than five times:
A: It's not a movie per se, but the 20+ year old Masterpiece series "Pride and Prejudice" featuring the infamous Colin Firth wet shirt scene can't be beat. I'm pretty sure I've seen this series at least 20 times. That said, if you're strictly speaking of movies, Frank Capra's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Q: Most surprising interview you ever conducted:
A: I've interviewed hundreds, maybe thousands of people, over my career. I was just telling Vivian that I was most impressed by an early interview with the great actor Daniel Day Lewis, who was in town for the debut of "My Beautiful Launderette" at the Seattle International Film Festival. He was humble, smart and charming and offered to walk me to the "lift" when we were done. Plus, he had on leopard-print shoes. He's still my hunka-hunka burning love.

Q: You can dance with anyone—who do you choose:
A:  If I truly could dance with anyone, I'd be gifted with a new, improved body so I could be onstage with Rudolph Nureyev (if he was brought back to life). If we have to stick with living dancers, my vote goes to dance genius Lil Buck.

Host Vivian Phillips, a Black woman in a stylish sweater and cropped haircut smiles directly toward the camera


Vivian Phillips is a veteran arts producer, marketer, and civic advocate. Over the years, she’s moderated conversations with Harry Belafonte, Gloria Steinem, Magic Johnson, Ta-Nehesi Coates, Ruby Bridges, and many others. Her passion for culture has led to partnerships with arts organizations on five continents.

Q: What's your favorite Podcast:
A: Snap Judgment


Q: Last book you read:
A: Democracy in Black, by Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr.

Q: Movie you’ve watched more than five times:
A: Love Jones 

Q: Most surprising interview you ever conducted:
A: Terry McMillan 

Q: You can dance with anyone—who do you choose:
A: South African dancer Gregory Maqoma



Hilary Northcraft has worked in the arts and music industry in the Pacific Northwest for nearly two decades. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership from Seattle University, was a member of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Emerging Leadership Institute (ELI) 2016 cohort, and previously served as Marketing Manager – Season Programs, for Seattle Theatre Group. 

Favorite podcast: 

The Moth - I love hearing people's stories from all walks of life. 

Last book you read: 

The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak. Gorgeous writing, moving story. 

Movie you've watched more than five times: 

The Royal Tenenbaums

You can dance with anyone, who do you choose?

My son, in our living room.

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