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doubleXposure Presents underXposed: Greg Kucera Loves Art. And Artists

When Greg Kucera founded his eponymous Seattle gallery in the mid-1980s, Seattle was just emerging from the economic fallout of the Boeing Bust of the early 70s. The young entrepreneur attracted some of the region's best-known artists, eventually bringing them national and international exposure, and earning his gallery a stellar reputation. But Kucera was always interested in more than simple transactions. He wanted to ensure his artists had some personal stability, and he was deeply devoted to both the city's visual arts scene and to the wider cultural community.

Kucera decided to retire this year, selling his business to two of his employees. He has relocated to a castle(!) in rural France, but before he left the Pacific Northwest, Kucera made a lasting gift to the city he loves. He talked to Vivian about it for our latest episode of underXposed.

"There's something about sitting in a castle in France that makes you think you should do good in the world." -- Greg Kucera

Greg Kucera


Greg Kucera is a Seattle-based artist and gallerist. He studied at the University of Washington between 1975 - 1980. He opened Greg Kucera Gallery in 1983, showcasing the work of contemporary northwest artists. Greg and his gallery have participated in over 65 art fairs worldwide. In 2011, Greg was named one of Seattle’s “50 Culture Makers” by City Arts Magazine. In 2020, Greg sold part of the Greg Kucera Gallery to employees Jim Wilcox and Carol Clifford and recently moved to Parisot, France. The gallery continues to grow as a leading venue for nationally recognized emerging and established artists.

Find out more about Greg Kucera Gallery here.


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