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OMG, Who Should I Vote For?

Welcome to episode 10! It's election season and here in Seattle, voters are faced with some interesting choices on issues ranging from homelessness to police accountability. Although the city's cultural sector has played a big role in shaping Seattle's internationally-known quality of life and civic vitality, many people--including political candidates--don't recognize that artists and arts organizations also have contributed billions of dollars to the local economy. Then came the pandemic.

Vivian and Marcie recently moderated a Seattle Candidates' Forum, sponsored by Inspire Washington, ArtsFund, and other local cultural groups. You'll hear what the two mayoral contenders had to say about the future of arts and culture in Seattle, and our hosts share some of their own observations.

"The arts community was the first to shutdown during COVID. And they're going to be the last to see recovery." --Seattle City Council President and mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzales.
"We will be known more by our arts than by our arguments and debates."-- Former Seattle City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell.

Mayoral candidates - Left: Seattle City Council President, Lorena Gonzalez, Right: Former Seattle City Councilmember, Bruce Harrell.

For more on Lorena Gonzalez, visit:

For more on Bruce Harrell, visit:


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