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Season Two is Coming!

Have you missed us? Don't worry, doubleXposure will be back and better than ever, starting on Thursday, June 16th!

This year hosts Vivian and Marcie are taking a deep dive into the connections between arts, culture, and community. We'll visit four different Seattle neighborhoods to explore everything from food to architecture, in order to learn more about how culture helps to build, foster and sustain community identity.

Enjoy the Season Two promo below👇 for a taste of what's in store!

"Art is essential to creating healthy communities. Just like public safety, just like public works. Art is a part of creating thriving places and spaces for people."--Vivian

Short, gray curly haired woman in red sunglasses and Black woman in sunglasses, red lipstick and a hat stand smiling in front of the International Fountain at Seattle Center
doubleXposure hosts Marcie Sillman and Vivian Phillips at Seattle Center, one of the four locations we'll be highlighting this season!


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