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Season 2 Trailer: On the Waterfront, with David Rue

doubleXposure Season Two starts on June 16th!

When Seattle's funky Alaskan Way Viaduct was demolished in 2019, it launched one of the city's largest public projects: the restoration and construction of the Elliott Bay waterfront. The project includes everything from a shored-up seawall to the installation of public artworks and an ongoing calendar of free cultural events.

Waterfront Public Programs Coordinator David Rue met Vivian and Marcie one sunny spring afternoon on Pier 62, home to many of those events, to chat about what's in store and why he loves his role at the park.

Three people, a woman in a purple shirt with short gray curly hair, a Black male in a pink beret and fuzzy coat, and Black woman in a brown sweater and fedora speak together in from of the Great Wheel (ferris wheel) on Seattle's Pier 62
Co-hosts Marcie & Vivian interviewing David Rue on Pier 62


David Rue is a dance artist and creative professional born in Liberia and raised in Minnesota. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of individualized studies that combined Journalism, English, and Dance. He holds an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University and currently works as Public Programs Coordinator for Friends Of Waterfront Seattle. His artistic vision is to conceptualize and implement arts programming that helps audiences more deeply engage with the visual and performing arts using the lens of equity, excellence, and joy.

Learn more about David here

Friends of Waterfront website and event calendar here


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